Spatial Intelligence

We help organisations collectanalyse and deploy their spatial data to best effect.

From data wrangling to spatial analysis, from creating advanced static maps to developing interactive webmaps that update themselves automatically, we ensure that your spatial data is converted into location intelligence. We can be closely involved with each step of the process, from organising the data collection process to producing the final cartographic outputs.

For data collection, we can deploy mobile-based survey systems that allow field personnel to collect data that can be uploaded directly to a central location, allowing for near real-time monitoring. By moving away from paper-based surveys, this removes some of the main roadblocks to field data collection.

Our webmaps can display your spatial information in a format that allows your target audience to interact with it on phones, tablets or desktop computers. If you’re also using our data-collection services, we can create a  data-pipeline that automatically publishes field data to a webmap in real-time.

Our static maps use your data to clearly communicate the issues you face in the field and your impact on the ground. They are ideal for taking into meetings with decision makers, inserting into reports for donors and publishing alongside articles in popular media or academic journals.